Category: Changelog

  • 3.0.3

    Added filter og_is_schema_org_enabled to disable output. Updated iWorks Rate to 2.1.0.

  • 3.0.2

    Fixed misspelled filter name og_wp_head_prioryty into og_wp_head_priority. Props for

  • 3.0.1

    Excluded itemscope for WP-Sitemap stylesheet. Props for Jasper Fixed article:author values, according to Unified article:author and profile values.

  • 3.0.0

    Added article:expiration_time as integration with PublishPress Future: Automatically Unpublish WordPress Posts. Added a few PHP_EOL characters for non-debug output. Props for Guido. Improved checking integrations – removed usage of class_exists function.

  • 2.9.9

    Fixed older PHP issues.

  • 2.9.8

    Added for itemscope itemtype to HTML using language_attributes filter. Props for Michał Ruszczyk.

  • 2.9.7

    Added integration with plugin Categories Images. Added filter filter_og_get_image_dimensions_by_id to allow get image data by attachment_ID. Added twitter:image:alt. Shorted twitter:description length into 200 characters. More: Cards.

  • 2.9.6

    Updated iWorks Rate to 2.0.6.