• Added og_head_link_rel_image_src_enabled filter to disable head link output.
  • Added og_head_meta_title_image_enabled filter to disable head meta output.

3 responses to “3.1.9”

  1. Hi –
    Your plug-in has been a lifesaver after we found that Yoast was causing major plug-in conflicts. However, we’re finding that once in awhile one of our Recipe posts, when posted to Facebook, the link does not show Featured Image but instead shows the top-of-page logo. We have not been able to identify what is causing this intermittent problem. Do you have any suggestions? – thank you! (and yes, I will buy you a coffee either way!)

  2. Hi! Your plugin is very good and simple!
    I installed the plugins to get Facebook microdata, but after installation one is still missing: price.
    Could you fix this? Thank you!

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